Simply click the GIVE ONLINE button

below to give a one time gift. 

Select the "Tithes & Offerings" as your designation

unless giving to a specific cause.

The Mission and Cause of Lancaster Vineyard


Recurring (giving on a schedule) gifts can be set up through our

online church database system. Here's how:

1. Request a login at

2. You will receive an email with a username and password. Once you do then login at

3. Once you login click the option of Give on the left side column

4. From there choose one time gift or repeating gift and the amount you wish to give. Regular tithes and offerings should be given to the General Fund.

5. Choose checking account or debit/credit card. Remember checking account is the preferred method simply because it costs the church less to process the gift.

CHECKS OR CASH can be deposited in the offering basket or in the collection box in the back of the Sanctuary.