Team Vineyard is what we call the members of the Lancaster Vineyard Church. Team Vineyard is made up of people who are sold to the mission of the Lancaster Vineyard which is: 

More Christians, Better Christians ...Encountering a Living God & Loving Relationships. 

They join the team by completing Vineyard 101: Membership, Vineyard 201: Maturity and by making these commitments:

  • Personal commitment to Jesus Christ with written testimony on file at the Lancaster Vineyard Church.
  • Observable alignment with the Lancaster Vineyard Church’s statement of faith, vision, values and practices.  
  • Regular attendance to the Lancaster Vineyard’s Sunday services (3 out of 4 weeks).
  • Three months of active association to the Lancaster Vineyard Church.
  • A financial commitment by tithing or working towards a tithe to the Lancaster Vineyard Church.
  • Faithfully serving on a recognized ministry team of the Lancaster Vineyard Church.
  • Faithfully a part of a recognized small group of the Lancaster Vineyard Church.

For questions on Team Vineyard or our discipleship track, please email us at
  • Vineyard 101: Membership

    This is an informal opportunity to meet our team of leaders as they share with you Team Vineyard’s Vision, Values, and History, as well as answer your questions. We  will also share with you what it means to be a part of Team Vineyard and the basics of how to grow in your relationship with Jesus. Childcare will be provided.

  • Vineyard 201: Maturity

    If you have completed Vineyard 101: Membership, you are encouraged to complete Vineyard 201: Maturity. The focus of this class is on equipping people with tools to be mature in their relationship with Christ. Topics include Prayer and Bible Reading, Relationships and Small Groups, and the ABC’s of Finance.

  • Vineyard 301: Ministry

    If you have completed Vineyard 201: Maturity, you are encouraged to continue in the game by learning how to serve others. The focus of this six-week class will be on equipping people with tools as they reach out to others. Topics include defining spiritual gifts, matching your gifts to a ministry, hearing God’s voice, sharing your faith, and strengthening your relationship with Jesus.

  • Vineyard 401: Mission & Leadership

    If you are currently leading, or desire to lead, whether it be a Small Group or a Ministry, you are invited to attend this class. Where has God called you to lead? What does a leader in the Kingdom of God look like?