During this COVID-19 crisis, there are still unique opportunities to live out your purpose and serve those within the church as well as those outside the four walls.  

We'll be updating this list on a regular basis as new opportunities arise. 

  • care for kids - food distribution

    We are looking for volunteers to distribute food boxes to families at Mount Pleasant and Tallmadge Elementary schools on Wednesday, June 3 from 11am-1pm! Email Sarah Bay at for more info!

  • projects at the church

    We have a variety of projects around that church that we could use some extra hands.  These projects range from painting, cleaning, organizing to landscaping and maintenance projects. 

    If interested, sign up HERE

  • online tutoring

    With parents having to navigate homeshooling for the rest of the school year, there might be some children in need of extra help with various subjects. You could be one to provide support and guidance. Volunteers will be paired with parents needing assistance based upon grade/subject expertise. The needs could vary from helping with algebra to letting a kindergartener read to you. If interested, please sign up HERE.

  • writing notes to nursing home residents

    It's been over a month since families were allowed to visit loved ones in a nursing home and some residents didn't have anyone visiting before COVID-19. What a scary, lonely place this could be for many. You can share God's love by reaching out with a card, a letter, a word of encouragement. Let them know they are not forgotten. If interested, please sign up HERE.

  • check-in calls to vineyard folks

    Some in our LVC family and those new to the Lancaster Vineyard may be looking to stay connected during this time of social distancing and staying at home. Reach out via phone, text or email to others offering up conversation and checking in to see if there are any practical needs or prayer requests. If interested, please sign up HERE.

  • lancaster vineyard food pantry

    We are continuing to distribute food every Wednesday and Thursday and a couple Saturday mornings a month. If you are interested in helping with food distribution or for some special projects, email our Food Pantry coordinator, Jim Daubenmire.  

  • care portal team

    Care Portal is a partnership involving local churches working together to meet the needs of families who are working with Fairfield County Child Protective Services (CPS).  Churches receive a request from Child Protective Services through an online platform.  There are several ways that you can be a part of this community collaboration. 

    LVC Care Portal Team Member- Team members will receive a message when a request is received on the online platform. Team members will be in prayer for the family and will respond to the message if they are able to meet any of the physical needs described in the request.

    LVC Care Portal Family Advocate Team- Family Advocates will take turns in being the lead on coordinating a request. This includes communicating with LVC Care Portal Team Members, collecting the items in need, and communicating with the family in need to arrange delivery of the items. The communication with the family and delivery of the items is an opportunity to make a connection with the family we are serving. Family Advocates will receive direction and support from the Family Advocate Team Leader.

    If you are interested, email Sarah Bay at