parent cue app

Parent Cue App: A free app from our curriculum provider that helps engage with your kids about what they learned in class on Sunday. Through the app, you can (re)watch the video from Sunday morning, review with your kids the week's scripture and Bottom Line as well as the month's memory verse. Additionally, there are regularly updated activities and ways to engage your kids in reinforcing the lessons and stories from their Sunday class. Also great to catch up if you miss a Sunday. Go to to download. Once in the app, create an account, connect with our church and set up all your kids to have tailored content for their age.

technolgoy and social media

There’s a lot of unknown and fear when it comes to navigating technology and social media for your kids and teens. As a church we want to provide you with encouragement, resources and the opportunity to connect with other parents who are walking this journey out with you. On April 24, 2019, we had a special Parent/Guardian night and you can watch a recording of that event here:

We also discussed some books and resources and we wanted to pass those along to you as well:

Recommended Books:

Handout  - 10 Tech-Wise Commitments

Device Monitoring and Settings: