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    Alpha is an 8-week course designed for anyone to ask questions!

    Alpha is a casual group for those who want to explore questions of faith, life and meaning. We welcome anyone who is not sure about God or those who are new on their journey of faith. Come meet and connect with others who are exploring questions of life too! Join us as we come together for a good meal, fun and meaningful conversations. Child care is provided.


  • come together lunch

    "Church is not an organization you join; it is a family where you belong, a home where you are loved and a hospital where you find healing."

    We believe relationships are a core component of who we are and there's no better way to cultivate relationships than around food. Come Together Lunch is just an opportunity to come together for a meal. If you are new with us, lunch will be on us. If you are a regular attender at the Vineyard, you have the choice to pack your own lunch or pay $5 towards a meal that we provide.  The goal is just to cultivate relationships and build new ones. 

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  • small groups

    We were never designed to do life alone.  Joining a Small Group is a way to do life with others. Small Groups are groups of 6 to 20 people who meet on a regular basis to care for each other and grow in their relationship with the Lord. We learn to care for each other through prayer, teaching and encouragement. 

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  • vineyard Partnership

    If you are exploring if this church is for you, you'll have an opportunity to hear what we're all about; our story, our beliefs, our core values, and where we are heading. You'll meet our staff and leaders and have an opportunity to ask any questions. 

    Preview all of this information before the lunch at and submit any questions you may have upon registration.

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  • Emotionally focused

    Emotionally Focused is about transformation—in the depth of your heart, in your relationship with God and others, and in your engagement with the world around you.

    There are 4 different courses that build on each other:

    • Emotionally Focused: Foundations (A Weekend Intensive)
    • Emotionally Focused: Formation (24 Week Series)
    • Emotionally Focused: Family (8 Week Course)
    • Emotionally Focused: Mission (8 Week Course)