high school winter retreat

The Student Leadership Team at Lancaster Vineyard Church is hosting a 2 day, 1 night retreat for High School Youth.  We have invited local youth ministries as well as those Vineyard churches in our region. The retreat will begin at 7pm on Friday, February 9th and conclude at 9pm on Saturday, February 10th.  Cost is $20 per participant, but we don't want cost to be an issue, individuals have the option of "pay what you can".  Many of the sessions and meals will be located at Lancaster Vineyard Church with lodging taking place at Geneva Hills

The focus of the retreat revolves around connecting deeper with Jesus through worship and teaching, having deeper relationships within each of our youth ministries, and the overflow of connection through outreach.



To the left is a schedule of the events that are taking place for the Retreat.

The sessions and meals will be taking place at Lancaster Vineyard Church.

We will be sleeping at Geneva Hills Christian Camp. 

Items to bring:

Bedding (sleeping bag or sheets and pillow)



Spending Money (just in case)


Personal Snacks