Kids' Ministry

    General Information

    Check out some exciting news about our new Children's Pastor in the link below!

    Children's Pastor News!


    At the Vineyard, we believe two things about our kids. First, that there isn't a "Junior Holy Spirit," and second, that kids aren't the church of Tomorrow, but the church of Today. We believed that our kids can experience all that God has for them at whatever age, and it's our job to prepare them for those moments. As such, we want to teach our kids about having a loving relationship with Jesus and what that looks like in our everyday lives.

    In the Jr. Worship class, kids in 1st through 5th grade will engage in games, a teaching, small groups, crafts, and worship. They practice praying for and with one another, as well as learning about the love of our Father. 

    Around Christmas Eve to the end of the year, we generally take an "End-of-the-Year Offering." In 2021, it was our goal to revamp and update the upstairs Kids' Ministry areas (as well as giving the Youth their own space), so we decided to make the 2021 offering about our Children's Ministry. Watch the video below as we take the time to thank our church for their generosity and feeding into our kids. 

    Jr. Worship Room


    Our Pre-School class, located upstairs, is for kids in Pre-K and Kindergarten, generally 4-6 years of age. The format is pretty similar to the Jr. Worship class, but aged down a bit. They have time to play, have a lesson, worship, make some crafts, and eat a snack!

    Toddlers and Infants

    Toddlers and babies have their own class rooms downstairs, past the front desk. Toddlers, generally ages 2-3 and located in Nursery 2, have a similar structure to the Pre-K class. They have time to play at the beginning and end of the class, with a snack, a short lesson, and a craft. 

    Babies, located in Nursery 1, sit and play with our volunteers. There is not usually a snack, so feel free to pack one (or a bottle) for your child in their diaper bag!