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Why small groups?

In the average church, where is there an opportunity for troubled church members to discuss their marital conflicts, their problem children, or the ethical problems that arise on the job? Where can people “let down their hair”, take off their masks, pray for one another and study Scripture? Where can others with similar interests and common needs go?

Small groups – that’s where!

Lancaster Vineyard is committed to forming a church community knit together by mature relationships. Our vision is to be a church where nobody stands alone. Small Groups are the primary vehicle to accomplishing this goal.


Small Groups are groups of six to 20 people who meet on a regular basis to care for each other and grow in their relationship with the Lord. We learn to care for each other through prayer, teaching and encouragement. We grow in our relationship with God through Bible study, worship and prayer. Kinships also help us develop friendships as we share our common interests and felt needs.

Small Groups are casual as we meet in homes throughout the Lancaster area. Some meet at the Vineyard. You may choose a small group that meets at a convenient time or location for you or you may choose a group that is focusing on a topic of particular interest to you. Whatever the reason, you’re invited to be a part of our community as we grow to be apprentices of Jesus.


Group information is available on the Small Group slat-wall display that is located in the lobby next to the Welcome kiosk. If you have any questions about our small groups or need more information, please email us at or call the office at 740.689.VINE.


If you had childcare at your group and need reimbursed, click on the link below to fill out a form. Please make sure to fill this out AFTER your small group evening. 

Tips for reqeusting funds:

1. Under "Class" select "Small Groups"

2. Under "Expense Account" select "Childcare"

3. Do not select the box labeled, "I Need to Input a Specific Expense Location"

4. We offer three different modes of payment: Zelle, Venmo, and mailing a check.