SUnday morning


4 years thru Kindergarten

We can't be together in person, but we can still worship and learn to be more like Jesus online! 

Check back each week with a new video, activity and/or discussion questions.

Each week in class, your kids participate with the teacher through a number of activities as well as a worship song and a Bible story with familiar friends. Since we won't be together, you will need to play the teacher, but we've made it simple to follow along and fill that role.

Start by downloading this GUIDE for you to lead through the worship, Bible story and activity time. It gives you a list of needed items and even tells you what to say! The video is below.

The most important thing to remember is that you get to help your kids learn more about Jesus, and even though you may not feel qualified, you are actually the best person for the job, because you are their parent!

You can do it!!

Worship and Bible story