welcome to the party!

fall campaign

If anything has been revealed to us over the last 6 months its this world needs something to celebrate. But people are under financial & emotional distress. We see needs and want to help. Yet we're under our own distress whether debt or a scarcity mindset. But what if God was ready to throw a party? What if He'd already created a party and was a generous host inviting us into His party? Would you believe that's who God is and in fact is CALLING YOU to help Him co-host His party? Join the Vineyard family this fall as we learn how God wants to use our generosity to help co-host His party. We'll utilize a sermon series & 10 week small group to envision what such a party would look like as well as to deal with common obstacles like scarcity mindset, identity, financial debt, lack of budgeting, and hearing our Host's voice.  

Isn't time for you to bring joy & transformation to your downtrodden world? 

Isn't it time for you to host God's party in a beat up world? 

Small Group resources and videos