End of Year Offering

It's been our tradition at the end of the year to take up a special offering to bless an organization or cause, such as the Refuge, Meals on Wheels, Imagine Missions in Haiti, and Connexion West. We’ve also been able to fund special projects for our building, like funding our kitchen remodel. This year, we have another great opportunity for you to be a part of. We have plans to revamp and remodel two of our Children’s Ministry spaces. In the coming few Sundays before Christmas Eve, we’ll go deeper into those plans and give you some visuals so you can get a feel for what we’d like to do for our kids and youth.

The Problem

There are two main issues that we would like to fix within the Children's Ministry spaces. The first would be Check-In. While Check-In is in a central and convenient location, the steps that follow are not. If you have kids in different age groups, you as a parent might have to go both upstairs and downstairs. This also divides our kids into separate locations, instead of one space. 

The second challenge that Children's Ministry is facing has to do with the Jr Worship room. This space was updated in the past, thanks to a previous year's End of Year Offering, so updating isn't the issue. The issue comes with sharing. Sunday mornings, the room is used by the elementary kids for church services. But on Wednesday nights, Youth Group takes place in that room, meaning Kid's Club (1st-5th grade) happens in a makeshift room, the VIP Lounge, across from the reception desk downstairs. This area is also used by small groups during the week. What this means is that neither the teens nor the elementary kids get to have a space that is solely theirs. Jr Worship and Youth Group cannot decorate the Jr Worship room with age appropriate decorations, and Kid's Club can't decorate the VIP Lounge. 

The Plan

Our plans are to renovate and remodel the current spaces we have. The main focus and the upstairs plan will involve knocking down the wall that separates the the pre-school room and the hallway, allowing that space to be more open, similar to the Jr. Worship room. The room we loving call the "Long Skinny Room" will be used for small group break out spaces, once we add a partition to split the room in half. 

The downstairs plan is to add furniture to the VIP Lounge and make it into a family viewing area for Sunday mornings, and a spare room for meetings and small groups the rest of the week. In our goal of keeping the Children's area secure and in one area, we will add doors to the hallway, as well as a door to the Nursing Mom's room. Our Check-In area will also move back to where the double doors will be to keep everything convenient and in one location. 

We at the Vineyard believe that kids and youth aren't the church of tomorrow, but the church of today. We, kids, youth, adults, are all one church body and we wish to highlight that by keeping our kids and youth spaces up to date and utilizing them to the best of our ability.

Thank you so much for your donations and offerings!

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