jesus loves marriages: date night

Remember back before you and your spouse said "I DO" there were lots of these things called dates.  They were fun, exciting, and brought energy to the relationship and the time spent together is ultimately what brought you to the "I DO" moment. Well, if you are like many marriages, dates have become less frequent and even when you get to go on a date with your spouse the conversations, let's say turns to possible unpleasant conversations about kids, work, finances, see where this is going. This is where Jesus Loves Marriages: Date Nights come to the rescue. We help steer the date away from those topics and let you re-connect with your spouse on an emotional level by providing some conversation starters and some fun ideas for your date. 

Here's how it works. Meet at the Lancaster Vineyard at 5:30pm for a fast paced 20 minute intro to the evening. We'll send you out the door with a one page fun dating guide. Have dinner wherever you like. Return at 7:45pm for free catered desserts as we'll close the evening with quick discussion about marriage as well as a drawing where two lucky couples will get gift cards for their next date night. 

Date: March 10th

Time: 5:30pm to 8:30pm (children check-in begins at 5:15pm)

Free Childcare (limited space so register soon!)


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